Monday, January 28, 2013

You have the luxury to help a woman!!!


Each step is a struggle for her being a mother of three and only bread winner
Hayat is an amazing woman who is very well acquainted with hard work and struggles of life. I have known her for sometime now and have seen her giving her best at work every time and anytime of the day. 

If she would be a corporate employee, I assure you she would easily climb the ladder because of two things she has learnt in life. 
1) To work hard with genuineness 
2) To be passionate and love what she does. 

Hayat, mother of three is working in a Ladies Salon in Dubai (I prefer to not expose the salon) she is an excellent hair stylist and  known for calming women from all walks of life with her SPA Hamam. She is so devoted to excellence that even if you visit the salon at the far end of the day and request her for a quick last minute Hair Do, she will smilingly not only agree but give you her best. Usually, salon's here managed by employees are not very considerate. She is. She goes above and beyond  everytime. For me, she  is a great example of "WOW" in customer experience that BIG BRANDS keep and keep looking for. 

It is sad, to see a woman of her cadre go through a phase where she has been shut out of the salon because the owner refuses to renew her visa paying the required penalties. Let alone that she has not been given her Jan month Salary and today I literally spotted her struggling to enter the very salon where she did her best everyday (understandably  the owner is scared that clientele she built will walk away with her) to ask for her well deserved paycheck.

She and her daughter have no choice but to return to Tunisia, where she left her other children and came to Dubai in hope of a better future. Today she is struggling for AED 3,000 to buy return tickets home. Her visa status remains questionable and the matters will ease only once she returns back. Thankless employer, got her into this trouble and now; is walking away conveniently. 

Needless to say, please help. Your 10, 25, 50, 100 AED will make a HUGE difference to this Woman and her family, I believe she deserves this help. So here I am writing and requesting all my friend and family to show kindness in a small way and help me collect a small amount for this women, who got stuck at this road in life. Let's help her get through this bump, with us all it will be very little effort to see her off. 

Call me or email me at with "Hayat" in subject line to mention your contribution. 


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Woman, you are fairest of all !!!

Why? many reason and living walking examples. Women cover their heartbreaks and pain in glitter and glamor. They work a full time job, run households, bear children, look after their parents as well as their in laws, not to mention the well being of the ego and the mental, physical, spiritual health of their better half, and manage to look beautiful.

Manicure, pedicure, blackberry, grocery, detergents, cooking oil, toilet paper, facebook, friends, who can speak all these words in a span of a couple of hours and still be on it-but a woman.

I cant help but wonder, why do we fail to recognise ourselves so often. Only if we women sit down for few quiet moments and look at oursleves living, we will realise what miracles are.

Well, if you think you are any less than great. Please think again. I see that as an argument which if you take up with me you are bound to loose..

Try me!

Once again
diaa (one of them)

P:s - My other ladies. soon to follow

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Ladies

Finally, we can get away with blackberry and heels, with style and substance. It is officially now ok to come together to discuss whatever is on our mind. Men, sex, relationships, lipsticks, perfumes even business all the way.

We are great. Period. It still might take the world including some sleeping beauties to realise this, however why should we wait any more to celebrate the exisitence of beauty, strength and grace all pour in one - Women.

I have amazing friends, my Girl friends (get use to it now) mean a world to me. They are living examples of beauty, kindness, not to mention style and love. They make my each day worth living and this blog is dedicated to all my wonderful ladies.

If you are interested in being a part of this ongoing party, of amazing, powerful, rationale and gorgeous women, join in. Our lives are ongoing party, we live that way. When we come together to discuss anything under the sun with cocktails or coffee, trust that the problem leaves the room. It's just us.

I thought it is time to show women from any background a goodtime our way.

diaa ( one of them)

p.s:  you dont need a blackberry for this. Just you.